Spiritual Resolution 

Believers around the world marked today, the first day of Lent, as a spiritual ‘resolution.’ Some are making sacrifices of various kinds including food, beverages, unhealthy behavior etc. Some are adding ‘good seed’ such as prayers, worship, etc.

After a little reflection, I decided to give up sweets, as it’s often a source of comfort when I’m feeling stressed, anxious or worried.

It may seem silly to some, but sugar is a weakness for me and I seldom pass up “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” goodies. So for 40 days, I’ve decided to ask for help. Often, we ask God for the BIG stuff: healing from sickness, financial freedom, relationship strains etc. and forget that He is also our strength with the smaller stuff (whatever seems small to us), such as our temperament, temptations, and confidence.

While in worship service tonight, I added good seed of writing daily for the next 40 days. I’ll continue to pray for guidance, wisdom, and most of all… Courage. As it’s often on my heart and mind to write, but I allow fear in. 

So cheers to 40 days of sacrifice and seed! May my obedience honor Him and bring fruit for my readers. Even if you don’t practice lent, or perhaps are in your infant spiritual growth, drop me a comment and I’ll wrap you in prayer as we walk this journey .

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