This time last year…

As August 1st draws near, I reflect on this past year. This time last year I cried.

I was praying about my upcoming re-location, with a combination of excitement and anxiety. This has been a season of transition in all areas.

I reflected and prayed for God to protect my family, for Him to keep them, and keep me. I was scared of the missed baseball games, missing my daughter’s birthday celebration, and missing other moments I deemed precious as I embarked on my journey…alone.

The following weeks and months were some of the hardest days I have been through, as I adjusted to my new surroundings; adjusting to new people, new environment, new culture, lots of NEW.

August of last year, my family was over 1,000 miles away. This took my relationship with my husband to a new level. Today, he remains my biggest cheerleader. He provides so much encouragement and love every day. We have stood on a solid foundation that has been in the work for 13 years of friendship and almost 10 years of marriage.

I was challenged to re-shape my role as a mother, providing guidance and comfort via letters, cards, and weekly face time.

My kids re-located from TN to MN January of this year, so these past 6 months have been interesting to say the least, as I’ve taken on the role of a ‘single mom’ physically. With my husband in the military, he remains miles and a phone call away.

We have grown so much in this season.

I am in awe at God’s grace and mercy toward me. I am truly a blessed woman and kept.

I have so much of my story to share, but I felt compelled to share this snippet. My attitude of gratitude is over-flowing today so I had to share what has been on my heart for a while now.

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