Broken Pieces Memoir

“They have overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” Revelation 12:11


A searing memoir of grief, secrets, depression, and looking-for-love decisions. Thankful for an unanswered prayer.


I encounter women who allow their past hurts, broken relationships, and silenced hurt to impact their self-esteem which impacts their interaction in life. I’ve had co-workers, inner circle of friends, and acquaintances turn to me for counsel and as a confidant. The common thread I have found is brokenness as the bondage. Many women in broken relationships (abusive, etc.) can pinpoint the trauma that triggered their deprivation of self-worth.

My memoir  is an authentic and transparent view in my life. I am writing the book to tell my story and ultimately offer wisdom and inspiration to women in bondage and ready to experience freedom. My book is for women who feel disconnected to what is currently in the market. It is for women who seek a true story from a woman in progress. God has done an amazing work in me, and I am humbled enough to know there is still much work to do. My goal is to help women become better and make their tomorrow better than their yesterday.


This book is for you:

Your childhood experiences have left you feeling a void

You have difficulty remembering or understanding your childhood

You struggle with anger, sadness or fear of abandonment

You are ready to move on to a new level of personal growth



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