Part One, Strength through Broken Pieces: After the abrupt death of my mother, I remained in the home with my father. Struggling with grief, guilt, and now a single parent, alcohol and drugs consumed him. I relive some of the most traumatic experiences of my life to open a window into my private life. Now judged as having it all together, dream house with the picot fence, I chose to write this story, my testimony, to attract broken women, start a dialogue of perception, and above all offer hope. People make excuses. We often blame our childhood, or lack thereof, as to why our adulthood is jacked up. As not only a survivor, but an overcomer of sexual abuse, eating disorder, loneliness, neglect, and feelings of being unwanted and unloved, I refused to be a statistic. The purpose is to shed light on how our past can influence our present and future, but we have to make a radical decision to fight for our life, our right to happiness, our right to peace.


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