Part Two, Courage through Broken Pieces: My senior year of high school repeated my life cycle of change and dysfunction. No longer welcome in my brother’s home, my sister and I moved back to Tennessee. Courage is the story of that pivotal year of poor decision-making, participating in high-risk behavior of clubbing, partying, and escaping. Followed by hitting rock bottom, before a positive sign on a pregnancy test. God not only gave me a child, he blessed and equipped me with what I needed for my child. This book is my journey to motherhood, my wake up call. This book is about my courage to take back my life, seek treatment, and live my best life. I always wanted to be a daddy’s girl. Courage will include my spiritual journey of building a relationship with God as my father, fully embracing his parental presence. Readers will find hope and reflection. My prayer is that anyone currently struggling with self-destruction, inflicting mental, physical, or emotional harm on themselves, or allowing others to harm them will find the courage to walk toward a path of freedom, peace, and love.


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