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I grew up in a small southern town. A small town meant a small circle of friends which silenced me during some of the most traumatic years of my life. “Mediocre is not in style” is a phrase I coined to drive me to rise above the limitations people and statistics put on me and to keep making better decisions so that tomorrow is better than today and yesterday.

I am married with two amazing children spoiled in love, whom I pray walk a life of purpose. I have a daughter, who inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams so I can show her that with unshakable faith, persistence, and commitment, dreams do come true. I also have a son who inspires me to smile and to keep life simple. I have a supportive husband, whom thumps my nerves at times, but mostly makes me laugh. He is the embodiment of friendship.

I don’t have a rags-to-riches story, as I’m rich only in faith and love. But I do have an open wound-turned scab story. I’m a work in progress. My blog offers practical experience from a perspective of hope. I’m thankful for an unanswered suicidal prayer. I want a long, healthy, purpose-driven, purpose-filled life.

My first attempt in the pursuit of writing led me to switch from a Biology major to Mass Communication, journalism major. With the responsibilities of being a mom and wife, I put writing on the back-burner and took my first job offer, with a health insurance company. Those goals led me to complete my Master’s in Business Administration. Once that door closed, what was meant to break me, propelled me, as I rekindled my first love and decided to pursue my dream. I stopped talking about writing and started doing!

On not-so-good days I’m here to encourage, inspire, and equip you to un-shackle chains of doubt, fear, shame, guilt and other forms of negative chatter. On good days, I’m here with positive chatter to give you something to ponder, and to keep you in a ‘happy place.’ WELCOME.



  I'm a member of COMPELCOMPEL 101

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